33rd International Workshop on Qualitative Reasoning

The Qualitative Reasoning (QR) community is involved with the development and application of qualitative representations to understand the world from incomplete, imprecise, or uncertain data. Qualitative representations have been used to model natural systems (e.g., physics, biology, ecology, geology), social systems (e.g., economics, cultural decision-making), cognitive systems (e.g., conceptual learning, spatial reasoning, intelligent tutors, robotics), technical systems (e.g., manufacturing, robotics) and more. QR connects to several subfields of represented by ECAI, it strives for explainable AI and to capture the everyday reasoning that comes naturally to humans. QR2020 is held as one-day workshop at ECAI 2020 in Santiago de Compostela, Spain.

Lledó Mueseros, Núria Agell, Zoe Falomir, and Diedrich Wolter
(PC chairs)

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