Workshop on Dependable AI Systems

Aims and Scope

Advances of AI and the increasing degree of application-relevant AI techniques create the necessity to establish means for designing and developing AI software which is dependable. We call a system dependable if it meets functional safety requirements and when its performance is intuitive throughout all situations. For example, a dependable service robot will not hurt its owners and, if it can go shopping for tomatoes, it should also be able to recognize and carefully handle a tomato in all other contexts as well, including new ones. We expect that dependability of AI systems will be crucial to the development of trust in AI and the acceptability of its use in important socio-technical applications. We therefore expect the proposed workshop to be of interest to any AI subfield, yet in particular to those researchers working on applications. Moreover, the proposed workshop will be of interest to researchers from related communities in software engineering and formal methods.

Diedrich Wolter and Martin Leucker
(PC chairs)

last update: 2020-09-09

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